Organize your kitchen in 11 easy steps.

Oh sure, you say, no problem. I’m on it. But maybe it really is that easy.

At least professional organizer Hannah Young of Yorkshire in England says it is. She gave us her insight recently in a post on Houzz. We’ll share her thoughts with you. (We’re on Houzz, too. Come find us!)

“Give your kitchen a detox and declutter for the new year with some ideas that can be implemented annually, as well as habits that will help you out every day,” Young wrote.

Her 11 steps? Here you go:

1. Clear your surfaces. Move everything off your countertops and give them a thorough clean — then step back and enjoy the result.

2. Banish the paper. Do you struggle to find your bar counter when it’s time for before-dinner drinks? The mail, newspapers and magazines often land on the nearest flat surface and clutter up the space.

3. Investigate the depths. Do you know what’s in your fridge and freezer, and how long it has been there? How about making this the year you use up all that extra food?

Bay Colony Drive - Kitchen 3

Bay Colony Drive Kitchen

4. Give it away. Let’s be honest: Most of us have received a gift or two that we don’t really want. If it’s a seasonal item of food or drink, avoid letting it hang around and go stale, and instead give it to someone who will appreciate it more.

5. Do the dishes daily. The humble dishwasher can make or break your day. Get into the habit of fully loading it in the evening and putting it on overnight. In the morning, you’ll be ready to go, as clean bowls and spoons can be put right on the table for breakfast.

6. Plan a place for everything. This kitchen is pretty extreme in its stark lack of clutter, but there’s a lot to be said for precise planning when thinking about new cabinets. If you have a home for everything in a drawer or pullout, then there’s really no reason to leave much on the counter.

7. Make use of glass. Open shelves look great in a kitchen —it’s nice both aesthetically and practically to be able to see what you have.

8. Let it go. How many mugs do you have? If, like most of us, you have more than you’ll use at any one time, give yourself permission to get rid of some.

9. Dig out the gadgets. Now is a great time to inspect those kitchen appliances lurking at the back of your cabinets and drawers. If you don’t think you’re going to use one, send it to a thrift shop or sell it on websites like eBay and Craigslist.

10. Organize your cabinets. A top organizing tip for any space is to keep similar items in the same place. Arrange your pantry cabinets so that you have savory items (canned goods, pasta, grains) in one and sweet items (baking ingredients, cookies) in another.

11. Store items next to their point of use. Keep things where you use them. Think about all the items you require for a task. If you’re making a cup of tea, for example, how far do you move around your kitchen to gather together a mug, teabag, kettle, milk and teaspoon?

Read Young’s full post on Houzz: