Remodeling the kitchen and master bath led to a transformation on Bay Colony Drive in Naples, Florida.

The family wanted to spruce up an already wonderful Southwest Florida retreat with a few little touches in the master bath and kitchen.

When the work was complete, it was as if the entire home had been transformed into an unparalleled oasis in our subtropical paradise.

We’re happy to say that’s the way it works with Renovations by Henning.

The Henning family of companies was founded in 1924 and is now in its fourth generation of leadership.

The Henning Group is one of the most highly respected contractors in Florida. From our first project to your project, our guiding philosophies remain the same:

  • To commit to timely delivery of projects
  • To deliver outstanding service and quality products
  • To achieve full customer satisfaction
  • To provide a safe work environment
  • To adapt to changing customer needs and desires

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Here’s our gallery of photos from the Bay Colony Drive transformation: (check out our other galleries here, too).

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One thought on “Transformation on Bay Colony Drive

  1. Adding some nice decorative wall art would really give this beautiful that final punch of a luxury. My first idea would be to add an autumn beach scene keeping within the same color tones of beach grasses, sand pipers, maybe even a distant sailboat off in the distance would really add some serenity to the awesome master bath, trompe loeil windows would really open up the area to a Nantucket feel.

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