Unclutter in 30 minutes or less

We’ve all faced it: our home feeling way too cluttered, suddenly, but we actually can unclutter in 30 minutes or less. Not possible, you say? Laura Gaskill, clutter expert (or, rather, the expert on getting rid of household clutter), gives us some fresh new ideas for simple steps to uncluttering a home in a recent […]

Millennials love kitchen & bath remodeling

Millennials love kitchen & bath remodeling, according to the latest research by – yep – the National Kitchen & Bath Association, or NKBA. “Millennials spend an average of 17.7 percent more than the $19,155 typically invested in a kitchen remodel, and 42.3 percent more than the $11,364 normally allocated to remodel a bathroom,” according to […]

May is a good month to start remodeling

May is a good month to start remodeling. Why, one might ask, is May a good month to start a remodeling project? Any month is good, of course, depending on one’s life and resources but May ¬†also happens to be National Home Improvement Month, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, or NARI. […]

Saving water on our outdoor spaces

Saving water on our outdoor spaces is one of the most effective – and cost effective – measure we can do to ensure the resilience of our environment. While we have yet to experience in Southwest Florida the extreme drought experienced in some regions, we are so dependent on good water resources here that we […]

Remodeling industry is surging nationwide

The remodeling industry is surging nationwide, according to the latest figures. We certainly feel that trend, too, in Southwest Florida. “Four out of six industry sectors reported optimism for the first quarter of 2017 in line with one year ago,” writes Erin Carlyle of the Houzz editorial staff, reporting on the Houzz Renovation Barometer. “Notably, […]

Light touches for your home

Light touches for your home to make it easier, even more livable don’t have to be expensive, nor complicated. They can be simple, functional, easily built or added and, yet, far more valuable than they cost to make home life more of, well, home! Fortunately for us, Houzz contributing writer Cheryl Freedman was thinking about […]