Barely-there kitchens & two-toned cabinets

There’s no shortage of ideas – or imagination – when it comes to home remodeling but how about barely-there kitchens & two-toned cabinets. Yea, it seems fashion styles can influence home remodeling styles. And why not? Why shouldn’t your remodeled home make as much of a statement as does fashion? Wear your home with enthusiasm […]

Remodeling Trends for 2016

High design, low maintenance, luxury appliances, water saving & virtual reality seem to top the list of remodeling trends for 2016. At least that’s what Consumer Reports suggests attending Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas in January. “In a recent Consumer Reports survey of 18- to 35-year-olds, low maintenance made the list of most […]

International Healthy Home Habits

We’re blessed in Florida with plenty of international visitors – and transplants – who tend to bring with them and share international healthy home habits. And we can all learn from sharing with each other – international visitors and immigrants with Americans and visa-versa. For example, you probably know it’s customary to slip off one’s […]

Age-proofing a bathroom

As we consider home remodeling projects as we grow older, we should give some serious attention to age-proofing a bathroom. Let’s face it: the population of home-owners is growing older and many of us are opting to age-in-place, in our homes where we are comfortable. But as we grow older we also need to think […]

Bookcases add character, intellect

Bookcases add character, intellect to any home – or selected areas of a home – or, perhaps, dispersed throughout a home. And, well, bookcases filled with interesting volumes immediately draw visitors to the home, keep its occupants’ curiosity at elevated levels and if integrated with style into the home’s decor can add a flare unlike […]