Remodeling for retirement

Retirement is a commonly used word around Southwest Florida but the phrase remodeling for retirement is probably not used often enough. By remodeling for retirement we mean getting one’s home set up now for the years down the road when, say, one’s mobility might not be a fluid as it is today; when the natural […]

Remodeling projects are increasing

Remodeling projects are increasing across the U.S. housing marketing, according to statistical data compiled by a Harvard University think tank. Growth in overall spending on home remodeling projects will accelerate, according to the Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, and will outpace spending on new construction in the U.S., despite real gains in new construction. […]

Remodeling marketing continues to expand

As the U.S. continues to dig its way out of the housing crisis and the Great Recession of 2008, the remodeling market continues to expand. According to a national survey, the remodeling market expanded by nearly 5 percent in the second quarter of 2016 over the second quarter of 2015 and expanded by 1.4 percent […]

So you want to remodel your master bath?

So you want to remodel your master bath? Of course, your first big question is, “how much will it cost?” Any precise answer will depend entirely on your plans: what you want to do in the remodel project; what kinds of materials and fixtures you want to replace your current materials and fixtures. So many […]

Welcoming new neighbors is a treat!

Welcoming new neighbors is a treat! And, of course, in Southwest Florida it can happen with great regularity. Given the explosive population growth in our region over the past few decades, Southwest Floridians are often greeting new neighbors and bringing in new people to older circles of friends. So, just what is a good way […]

An August home check list

Almost time for school to return, our winter visitors will soon be on the horizon; it might be a good time to review an August home check list. People who think the seasons never change in Southwest Florida just aren’t paying attention. While “summer” weather will last well into deep October and, even, December in […]