Home renovation projects are increasing nationwide

Home renovation projects are increasing nationwide, according to Houzz, the fast-growing online portal for home improvement and design. “Many firms have reported an increase in kitchen and bath renovations, smart technology and aging-related projects so far in 2016 compared to the same period in 2015,” wrote Houzz staffer Erin Carlyle. “That said, their confidence level […]

Fantastic Florida yard using less water

It’s really possible, even in beautiful Southwest Florida to have a fantastic Florida yard using less water. And by “less water,” we mean practically none from the city water supply – only that which falls naturally upon the yard (which plentiful this time of year, of course). The key is landscaping one’s yard with plants […]

Remodeling time is perfect for getting organized

We’d all like to be more organized than we are and home remodeling time is perfect for getting organized. A major home remodeling project gives homeowners the look and feel of a brand new home so why not also spend a bit more effort and get your home really organized the way you’ve always wanted […]

Home office can be a real home office

Your home office can be a real home office. Perhaps more Southwest Florida residents than you realize work from home, these days. Let’s face it, if you can work remotely, from anywhere – run your multi-national corporation on the Internet and live anywhere you want – why would you choose any place other than Southwest […]

Ways to hide that AC compressor

There are plenty of ways to hide that AC compressor, that big, ugly, noisy box which occupies a significant corner in the yards and gardens of nearly every Southwest Florida home. We really can’t live without air conditioning at the our latitude (although plenty of people did before it was invented in 1902) but a […]

We are commercial builders too!

Sure, we’re known best for our superior home remodeling projects, but we are commercial builders too! As a matter of fact, the Henning Group – our parent company – is one of the best known and for generations, now, among the most highly respected commercial builders in the United States’ Midwest. Perhaps you’ve read here […]