Bookcases add character, intellect

Bookcases add character, intellect to any home – or selected areas of a home – or, perhaps, dispersed throughout a home. And, well, bookcases filled with interesting volumes immediately draw visitors to the home, keep its occupants’ curiosity at elevated levels and if integrated with style into the home’s decor can add a flare unlike […]

Add zest to your Florida home!

Add zest to your Florida home with a creative and innovative remodeling project. And Renovations by Henning can help you fulfill your dreams from the very beginning to an excellently hand-crafted completed project. This 1,400 square foot home, for example, is currently under reconstruction in Naples, Florida and when the project is finished the family […]

Swales aren’t just for the streetside

Swales are pretty common in front yards, along the streets of Southwest Florida but swales aren’t just for the streetside. Swales can be used to move water all over homeowners’ property, especially when used on combination with other water management tools and techniques. Swales can be built in backyards, sideyards, anywhere water needs to be […]

Trends in bathroom remodeling

Trends in bathroom remodeling are running to clean, uncluttered lines with energy-efficient and water-saving features with a spa-like feel to the room. At least, this is according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) – of which Renovations by Henning is a member. We are always ready to discuss your design and project goals, […]

Would an open plan work for your home?

Would an open plan work for your home? That is to say, if you were to undertake a major remodeling of your home’s interior would you consider an open-living plan? As opposed to the more traditional room by room design? It’s something of a debate on-going among designers and home owners about the increasing popular […]

Spark joy in a tidy home

One can spark joy in a tidy home, according to acclaimed and best-selling author Marie Kondo. Kondo is the author of New York Times #1 best-seller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing,”¬†inventor of the KonMari method of house keeping and, just recently, a new volume, Spark Joy: “an […]