Labor shortage doesn’t deter us

Southwest Florida is not immune to the nationwide shortage of construction workers but the labor shortage doesn’t deter us. We continuing providing our clients with the highest quality work and the projects keep rolling on. The nationwide shortage of labor in the construction industry was documented by Houzz in its Renovation Barometer for the third […]

Transformation on Bay Colony Drive

Remodeling the kitchen and master bath led to a transformation on Bay Colony Drive in Naples, Florida. The family wanted to spruce up an already wonderful Southwest Florida retreat with a few little touches in the master bath and kitchen. When the work was complete, it was as if the entire home had been transformed […]

Are you a home cleaning freak?

Are you a home cleaning freak? And by that we don’t mean an obsessive-compulsive, everthing-must-be-spotless kind of person. We just wonder if you consider yourself a fastidious home cleaner, a person who values a clean home over much else about your home? Nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s a quality to be admired. We […]

Smarten up my home – or not?

So, you’re planning a major home remodel and you ask, should I smarten up my home – or not? While smart homes are certainly making headlines around the world, as perhaps the most tangible and accessible aspect of the overall increased online connectivity of the Internet of Things, Southwest Floridians have been familiar with smart […]

The ROI of remodeling

Ever considered the ROI of remodeling? Sure, we naturally think first of how much nicer our home will be when we start thinking about remodeling. But the ROI of remodeling is a significant factor which should also be considered. ROI is, of course, the nearly universal acronym for “return on investment” or the value one […]

Simple tips for making home more enjoyable

Remodeling? Sure. But there are also simple tips for making home more enjoyable. We are, of course, Southwest Florida’s premier remodeling contractor. But even before (or after) your big remodeling project, simple home adjustments can make living all that much easier. Fortunately for us, Houzz contributing writer Joanna Simmons prepared an elegantly easy checklist of […]